Saturday, July 18, 2009

Guilford Reads ! The 2009 VT. Reads Selection

Thanks to the VT. Reads program of the VT Humanities Council, the
town of Guilford, through the Guilford Free Liibrary, has received a grant of multiple copies of this year’s “VT. Reads” book: Julie Otsuka’s When the Emperor Was Divine.

What is this book about? Julie Otsuka’s family was sent to an internment camp during World War II. Her mother was a child then and never spoke much about the experience in later years. This novel tells the story of a fictional family’s time in an internment camp. Otsuka says: “I wanted to write a novel about real people...their experience is universal not only for Japanese Americans, but for people of any ethnic group. Throughout history people have been rounded up and sent into exile. The predicament of the family in my that of ordinary people caught up in the extraordinary.” We hope this book may lead to family reading aloud and discussion over the summer. There will be several Guilford programs in July and August connected with the book.

The Library will make copies of this book available at the following locations:
-the Guilford Free Library
- the Guilford Historical Society
-the Guilford Community Church
-the Town Clerk’s Office
-the Guilford Golden Age luncheons
-Strong Living senior exercise sessions
-Richmond’s Auto Shop

The procedure for borrowing these books will be as follows:
1)Taking and returning a book will be on the Honor System.
2) Take a book from one of the above locations.
3) Read it and enjoy it with your family.
4) Return it to one of the above locations.
5) If you would like to do so, sign your name on the inside of the
cover..This will create a network of Guilford readers who have read
the book.

There will be several programs over the summer to tie-in with When the Emperor Was Divine .

July 15 (Wednesday) location-The Guilford Free Library-time 7pm

The Guilford Library’s regular book discussion group will focus on When the Emperor was Divine and the issues it raises.

July 22 (Wednesday) location-The Broadbrook Grange-time 7pm

Join us for a family origami night, learn (or teach) the art of paper folding. Take home a collection of original art, this program is suitable for everyone.

August 12 (Wednesday))-location, downstairs at the Guilford Community Church --time 7pm

“Poetry at the Church” Guilford’s muse and poet Verandah Porche will lead a workshop to help writers create short poems using Japanese poetic forms. Selections of local poetry will be displayed in public places around Guilford during the summer to celebrate the art of poetry.

August 21 (Friday) location The Guilford Community Church-time 12noon

The Council on Aging Senior Lunch will go back in time today. We will enjoy a World War II inspired lunch menu with conversation based on what participants remember about life during wartime, each table will have its own leader. Thanks to the Guilford Historical Society, there will be a display today on “Guilford and the War.”

August 25 (Tuesday), location, the Broadbrook Grange , time 7 pm

Susan Hebson will lead to-night’s group in an instructed Japanese Tea Ceremony. This will be an opporunity to experience this event with a serious student of Japanese culture. In addition there will be on display a kimono on loan from a local family. Reservations by August 15 ,please at 257-4603.

September 6 and 7, location Guilford Fair Grounds-time all day

The Guilford library will have on display photographs and artifacts from the summer’s programs; after today the books will be collected and taken to the Guilford Central School where they will be used in the fall curriculum.

These programs are open to all readers of this year’s book. Any questions about the programs? Call the Guilford Free Library 257- 4603 or Laura Lewis 254-4839

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